A group of Kamayuks along with some Slingers.

The Kamayuk (also known as a kamayuq) is an infantry unit that is unique to the Inca civilization in Age of Forgotten Empires.

Kamayuks are units which have bonus vs. all cavalry, and since they have a massive spear and 1 range, the units from behind can attack over the shoulders of the units in front.

Kamayuks can also attack through walls.

  • Cost: 60 Food, 30 Gold
  • Upgrade to Elite Kamayuk costs: 1000 Food, 600 Gold (researches fairly quickly).



Kamayuk walking.

The Kamayuk is a halberdier-like soldier with long hair, wearing a golden helmet decorated with plumes and a golden circular chest shield. His spear is around twice his height and held vertically when at rest.


  • HP: 60
  • Attack: 7
  • 8 bonus damage to cavalry
  • Armor: 0/0
  • Range: 1

Elite Kamayuk

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 8
  • 12 bonus damage to cavalry
  • Armor: 1/0
  • Range: 1


Kamayuks are officers in the ranks of the Incan Army. Although the weapons varied to which ethnic group or region a soldier belonged (e.g. amazon troops mostly used bow and arrow), the Cusco high ranking soldiers used bronze tipped spears as symbols of power.

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