Impeiral camel

The Imperial Camel is a new unit and a new upgrade of the Heavy Camel, they are only available to Indians.

They are some of the most versatile and powerful cavalry unit of the game as they have decent attack, high hitpoint, very fast speed, decent armor (their original armor is 0/0 but the Indians civ bonus gives them 0+1/0+1 armor from the very beginning) and are cheaper than Paladins, also due to the Indian team bonus they also have +5 attack vs. building making them good against buildings. They can easily kill Paladins in one on one fight and can defeat War Elephant in groups. They are a very good substitute for heavy cavalry for Indians.

The Imperial Camel is the secondary unique unit of the Indians, the other being the Elephant Archer.

Imperial Camel

  • HP: 140
  • Attack: 9
  • 18 bonus damage to cavalry (same as Heavy Camel)
  • Armor: 0/0
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