Dracula is the second campaign in The Forgotten expansion for Age of Kings. it is based of the live of Vlad Dracula, ruler of Wallachia.


1. The Dragon Spreads His Wings

Dracula serves Sultan Murad II by returning to Wallachia to eliminate the self-proclaimed Voivod, Vladislav II. However, he ends up fleeing for his life from the Hungarians.

2. The Return of the Dragon

Vlad Dracula returns with Jakub, Danislav and Istvan, three exiled Voivods. He must reclaim the Order of the Dragon and eliminate Vladislav.

3. The Breath of the Dragon

Dracula abandons the Ottomans and prepares to destroy or subjugate all Turkish cities in his path.

4. The Moon Rises

Vlad leads a vast army and ambushes the Ottomans on the Danube. Then, however, Dracula must survive assaults upon Fagaras and Rasnov Castles. Thirdly, he must burn the land to destroy the Turkish supplies and then lastly flee to Poenari Castle and stand against the Ottoman advance.

5. The Night Falls

The Final scenario puts Dracula against the last of the Ottomans.

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