The Condottiero (plural condottieri), also known as condottiere is a infantry unit that is unique to the Italians civilization in Age of Forgotten Empires.

Unlike other unique units, the Condottiero is only accessible in the Imperial Age and cannot be upgraded to a better unit (Elite Condottiero, for example). However, the Italians' Team Bonus allows the Condottiero to be trained as mercenaries at the ally's Barracks, so long as they are in the Imperial Age and have built a Castle. Any civilization bonuses to infantry will propagate to Condottieri.

The Condottiero has a large attack bonus versus gunpowder-based units, and because of this, they are capable of taking down armies of Janisseries or Hand Cannoneers who are usually paired with Halberdiers or Camels to take down cavalry.


  • Cost: 50 Food, 35 Gold
  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 9
  • 10 bonus damage to gunpowder units
  • Armor: 1/1
  • 10 bonus defense (vs. Hand Cannoneers, Slingers, Cataphracts)


Condottieri were mercenary soldiers who fought in the Italian armies. Like any mercenary, they were not loyal to their lord (unless they paid quite a lot) but did as they told only because they were paid to do so. They were also called 'condottiere', as stated above.

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